Glazed Lantern Roof

Designed with minimum sightlines to allow for maximum light, the SOLApex is a contemporary lantern roof.

Give your customers a room flooded with natural light, the slimline glazing bars and no side rafter bars, ensures uninterrupted glazed surfaces each up to 1.5m x 2.75m. Available in a 2 or 3 bar design, they not only let in maximum light but are also a striking feature in themselves, with full design flexibility to perfectly fit any project.

Features & Benefits

Fitter Friendly

No mitring or awkward angle to work around, just square cuts needed for simple, fast installation.

Screw holes are also pre-drilled for accuracy, meaning a precision fitted watertight lantern roof every time. They are also pre-assembled for
easy onsite fitting, SOLApex is perfect for those projects that need a fast turnaround.

Every roof is designed bespoke to even the most complex of projects.

The perfect alternative to aluminium skylights, from not only a cost perspective but also aesthetics – not every
property will suit the industrial appearance of aluminium.


Design will vary based on size, all of our lantern roofs are made to order and available in 20º or 35º pitches.

Up to 1.5m x 2.75m
Up to 1.5m x 7.45m
Up to 2.75m x 8.7m
Up to 1.5m x 1.5m
Up to 2.75m x 2.75m

Flexibility For You

This includes a choice of two or three bar gable pitched styles, a range of external frame finishes and clear, blue, bronze or neutral glass.
Such choices can be passed on to your customers, and therefore help you to surpass the competition.

For added convenience, all additional windows and doors are available from our dedicated glazing factory and
are delivered to site along with your lantern roof.

7 Day Turnaround

Our fast, flexible, scheduled delivery planning assists SOL customers to attain a smooth and trouble-free installation.

Dedicated Team

Your dedicated account manager will manage your account, ensuring all quotes are fulfilled and orders are processed without a glitch.

Technical Support

Our team are on hand to answer technical queries you might have about the installation of our products.